Systems Coaching & Consulting

Systems coaching will allow you to significantly increase the power of your practical and creative leadership.

We spend our lives as part of multiple, diverse human systems. Each of us is a human system we call an individual, and we are part of larger human systems that comprise our families, communities, organizations, nations, cultures and world.

We all have more or less implicit/explicit models of ourselves and our systems. If we learn to make our models more explicit so that we can develop and refine them, we can clarify our understanding of our systems and increase our effectiveness in working with them as leaders, as consultants, and as coaches.

Coaching from a systems perspective uses the metaphor of the butterfly to capture the work that coaches perform. The caterpillar’s life is interrupted by a transformational event, metamorphosis, which brings the accumulated resources of the past into creative tension with the potential for the future. What triggers this personal crisis for the caterpillar is a mystery. But in our lives and organizations, these events are more obvious and result in the call that begins the coaching relationship.

The butterfly model helps us understand:

  • Larger systemic forces impacting the client’s ability to achieve his/her goals
  • Forces impacting the client-coaching interaction
  • Forces impacting the coach

Every leader, coach and consultant will investigate these questions:

  • What forces are most and least visible to you?
  • What are the forces to which you pay the most attention, the least attention, and why?
  • How can you broaden and deepen your focus so that you are able to harness transformational power for personal and organizational change?