Living Passion and Purpose: The Leadership Journey

As one of the founders of Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), Miriam presented the original Women and their Bodies workshop at first women’s conference in Boston in 1969. She has played an integral part in building and sustaining an organization that has influenced the lives of millions.

Miriam’s work with OBOS for nearly 50 years is central to her leadership journey. In addition to sharing her own story, in that spirit she is able to help women recognize their own leadership journeys and continue to expand them, one person, one family, one organization, one step at a time.

A catalyst for global transformation, Miriam’s experience encompasses the broad spectrum of social activism, community organizing, writing, speaking, teaching, family and group therapy, counseling, coaching and consulting.

Living Passion and Purpose will open the door for you to:

  • Identify and embrace the key aspects of your leadership journey
  • Discover what you desire to achieve
  • Determine the internal and external resources you need
  • Initiate the first next step that will move you forward
  • Gather support to sustain you on your path