Systems Coaching and Consulting

We live our lives and run our businesses as part of multiple, diverse human systems. Each of us is a human system we call an individual, and we are simultaneously part of larger human systems that comprise our families, communities, organizations, cultures, nations and world.

As leaders, we need to be aware of the quality and impact of our interactions with the wide range of human and organizational systems that influence us and are influenced by us. Systems Coaching will allow you to significantly increase the power and flexibility of your practical and creative leadership, whether as a business owner, family member, community member or global citizen.

Our communities, our states, and our nation need to preserve and practice the core values of learning and growth in an atmosphere of respect, collegiality, and the ability to disagree while retaining mutual respect. We must be able to do this at all levels. Individuals want, to an overwhelming degree, to come to work and be able to make the greatest contribution they are able to make, in an atmosphere of support, trust, and dignity.

Systems Coaching and Consulting believes that every individual, family, partnership and organization can walk this path.