Vision, Voice and Victory: The Changing Face of Women’s Leadership

The ground-breaking book Our Bodies, Ourselves shifted the national and international dialogue about women’s health, sexuality and power. As a founder of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Inc., the organization responsible for writing this best-seller, Miriam played an instrumental role in shaping the women’s movement and transforming the global conversation.

The vision and voice of female leadership has evolved significantly since that time. The challenges in the current work environment have increased women’s passion and determination to make a difference while being personally fulfilled. These aspirations are critical for creating a sustainable future for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Now more than ever, women need insights about the timeless and essential ingredients for leadership development and success, Miriam’s experience inspires women leaders to increase their impact by building networks that align with their voices and values and support their actions.
Vision, Voice and Victory is a unique opportunity to:

  • Immerse yourself in thought-provoking and cutting edge conversations about women’s leadership.
  • Be inspired with new ideas and find the courage to take the next steps in your personal and professional life.
  • Build relationships and become part of a powerful network of women leaders.