Beyond Success: A Leaders’ Learning Forum for Academic Leaders

Discover what is needed to be an effective leader who is both integrative and visionary using our systems thinking method and template for leadership. Identify the dynamics of inspired teams, assess your current team’s functioning, develop strategies for navigating the gaps, and create a collaborative environment that excels in performance.

Administrators, Deans, and Chairs are trained to excel as individuals, but don’t receive the equivalent training in collaborative leadership. They often lack the organizational and interpersonal tools to guide departments through their issues, leading to an escalation of problems over time which result in crisis, and increasing reports of physical, emotional, interpersonal and psychological stress in faculty and administrative leaders.

As part of a facilitated group of academic leaders (Administrators, Deans or Chairs), you will:

  • Cultivate your leadership in group process and collaboration
  • Address breakdowns in civil discourse and accountability
  • Create norms for personal and collective responsibility
  • Heighten sensitivity to generational, gender, and cultural differences
  • Reinforce and sustain collegiality to enhance individual and collective performance
  • Create organizational and interpersonal health, effectiveness, and sense of well-being in departments, divisions, and areas