Living Gratitude: Meeting Challenges with Grace

Miriam and her son, Noah McIntyre, offer talks on embracing the challenge of Parkinson’s disease. Miriam and Noah were enormously grateful for the time they had with Jeffrey, their beloved husband and father. Motivated by Jeffrey’s diagnosis, they found ways to be grateful for their partnership, and for the friends and communities that supported them on this journey.

Gratitude allowed them to thrive in the midst of the most difficult experience of being with a loved one throughout the journey of diagnosis, death and dying. Jeffrey and Parkinson’s were both teachers that allowed them to live gracefully and joyfully even as Jeffrey was ending his life. They share experiences that can benefit families who are facing health or other life-ending challenges. Miriam and Noah share the possibilities, practices and wisdom gained from using the challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn in their own lives, as well as powerful lessons they received from Jeffrey himself.

Miriam and Noah also have much to offer people walking similar challenging paths about creating and enjoying a powerful, healthy and inspiring mother-son partnership with gratitude as the basis of love and connection.

Topics covered/addressed:

  • Gratitude as an ongoing practice and way of life
  • Living in the moment – embodied practice
  • Self-care, caretaker fatigue, community support
  • Sharing challenges and celebrating joys
  • The science of gratitude and quality of life
  • What now? Before, during and after grief…